Sunday, October 14, 2007

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Okay 7 things about myself (of interest) hmmmm...lets see...
Not sure how interesting these are to you...but here goes!

1) When I was a child I pretended to be a horse and make stick jumps and play horse show! I became an accomplished equestrian wining top honors for many years, and studied in Ireland.

2) My youngest daughter sent me a balloon from school and drew a wonderful picture, which I still treasure today. The balloon flew by me in Malibu, CA I swear!

3) I had a dream that my third baby was a pretty little blonde girl, running through the fields and her name was Heidi. I had a pretty little blonde girl, and I knew she was my Heidi! That was so cool!

4) I know ahead of time when my DH, kids or best friend are going to call me! I just feel it!

5) I remember things that I am blown away with that I remember! Believe me I DO have senior moments! He he!

6) I have snow skied in the morning and gone to the beach in he afternoon!

7) I have used 10 of my 9 lives (At least)! LOL!

That is what comes to mind.
Have a great day! Deb


Anonymous said...

I love you mom :)

Nancy Riley said...

Very interesting stuff! I like the snow skiing in the morning and beach in the afternoon ... sounds heavenly!

Bee said...

It was nice learning more about you, those are fun facts!... ;-)

Samm said...

Cool!!!!:D love your answers!