Friday, October 19, 2007

Special card from Rose Ann!

(hope the picture isn't too light)

What a nice surprise today in my mailbox!
I have a daily routine that my dear German Shepherd Lobie and I do every afternoon...we walk through the groves up to a clearing where I can see many vistas including the ocean. If we time it right, I see at least 6-8 hot air balloons out toward the Pacific. The backdrop of the sunset on its way is just breath taking!

This walk is such a blessing to me every day! My pooch is so happy and always has an avocado "to go" (in his mouth)! He is as fit as a fiddle from running up and down the mountain, he is one solid guy! On the "loop" we walk, the mailbox is on our way home and I it is always so nice when there is somethng special and not bills!

Dear Rose Ann sent me this gorgeous card today and she made me smile big time! Thanks Rose Ann! I should put a big heart on my mailbox, there is a whole lot of love passing through it! Have a terrific weekend! Happy stampin'! Deb


Ila said...

That is a very Beautiful RAK!! it sounds like you live in a very nice area.
I love walking too...usually every night. I just got a new puppy a few days ago (hopefully he will be joining me soon). He certainly is keeping me

Marlou said...

what a beautiful card to receive :) xx Deborah do i send the stamps to you or to Marla??

Tracy said...

Lucky you!! That card is a beauty!

Rose Ann said...

I'm so glad you received the card okay, and that you like it!

It sounds so lovely where you live, and such a nice routine with Lobie!

Eleanor said...

Pretty RAK. Hot air balloons? What a sight!

Theresa said...

Stunning card!!! What a treat to receive!!!