Saturday, November 3, 2007



The first 3 comments that were left on the last post Stuck on you, are hereby named to be passed on this fun game! I had been one of the first 3 over at Charmaine's blog prior to the fire here in San Diego. So I am catching up!
For some reason, my blog is not showing me many of my recent posts to edit! I refreshed the blog, but no go! I was going to add this game on the end of "Stuck on you" post. Oh well, you gals know now!

The lucky 3 are:


I will be sending your goodies ASAP, and if you want to play, you in return do the same on your blog! You can recruit your blog buddies anyway you want to, and name as many as you desire. So have fun, and please send me your snail mail if you have not already done so! Happy stampin'! Deb

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Deb said...

thank you so much Deb, I have just emailed you my snail mail.