Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hello (I've moved)

My DD Brittney came up to the mountain today and we stamped for hours and made 11 cards! Now this gal is not a crafty sort,lots of luck with me as your Mom! Before she knew it, she was deep into my embellie stash and beautiful paper collection from which to select from. So this is how it went...Mom, I need cards to send out for my new address...Mom ,I need a baby card (boy). Mom, I need a birthday card for a Mom was on it, thinking of cute and simple designs. Many paper cuts, stamping and embellie's later my DD was all set!

Nothing makes me happier than to scrap and make cards with my DD's. What a delight and Britt is learning! Yeah!

This is a group of cards we made for Brittney to send out to friends and family (for starters) inside, she'll print out "On the move again"...with her new information. I wish I had the Loads of Love set (SU) for this occasion! We certainly made do though and we thought they turned out so cute!

I am so blessed,just yesterday my youngest daughter Heidi came up to the mountain and we did her last winter snowboarding scrap page! WOW! Two visits in 2 days from my DD's! Just what the doctor ordered!

My eldest DD is Domenica, many of you know her as craftyincalgary. She is the one that got me going on all of this wonderful fun! The only problem is she lives in Canada, and I live in San Diego,California! Darn, I hate when that happens!I miss her and her DH and my dear Grandbabies terribly! So daily we on chatting on the phone while we visit blogs and chat on and on about cardmaking! Love it!

Thanks for visiting and your support! Deb~


Stampin' D'Amour said...

Great cards!!! Love your BLOG and your DOG too. :0)


Crafty in Calgary said...

Mom- Those cards are too cute- love that PP!! Britt will be all the rage with those announcements!!

Corie said...

GREAT cards -- so cute.

Flossie's Follies said...

These are great a wonderful creation by a wonderful mother/daughter team.

Anonymous said...

These are just the cutest!

Tandra said...

These are realy cute! I love the paper!
What mountain do you live on? My mom lives in Ranchita (sorta a mountain!!) and my Aunt and Uncle lived in Julian!

Enjoying your blog!