Monday, July 23, 2007


CONGRATS TO ANGEL W! Winner of lots of cool goodies!
My dear hubbie and German Shepherd Lobie, participated in picking the winning name! Way to go Angel W! Please send me an email with your particulars and I will get your goodies off to you!
Thanks to everyone that shared in the fun! Stampin Up was clearly the favorite among you that left comments. I will have another contest as soon as I reach another milestone on my blog, or whatever else I dream up! LOL!
Thanks for visiting my blog!



domenica said...

Congrats to Angel. Lobie is too adorable- what a great helper!

Angel W said...

I laughed out loud when I saw your "puppy" with my name.....way cool!

Angel W said...

I can't find your email so here is mine- thank you again!!

TheDvineMissM said...

Congrats, Angel! I hope that Lobie...and you hubby....both got some "candy" for helping :O) Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Angel. Beautiful dog!
BTW I tagged you and if you want to play along the details are on my blog.

Wife2TJ said...

congratulations to Angel! Just had to say your dog is absolutely ADORABLE! I love shephards. (one of the vet's at my work has two) Lobie is so cute!